Athlete Octane™ The Liquid Endurance Solution

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Athlete Octane™ is an entire system of nutritional supplements specifically designed for endurance athletes. This entire system is available in a single ounce of great tasting liquid. Duplicating this system with other companies can cost as much as 325% more!

Athlete Octane™ was designed to increase your athletic performance and reduce recovery time, lessen muscular soreness, dramatically increase overall endurance and support a healthy immune system. Athlete Octane™ will help empower you to train, race and recover more effectively than ever before, guaranteed.

Athlete Octane™ increases your body’s ability to handle sustained, strenuous activity by providing nutrients that are critical to endurance & recovery and are very hard to obtain from food alone. Athlete Octane™ contains specific, key vitamin and micro-nutrients that are typically lost during endurance activity. The ingredients in Athlete Octane™ perform at the cellular level helping your energy systems neutralize the free-radical damage associated with the stress of exercise. Replenishing these complex nutrients is often the absolute key to performance.

Free Radicals are the unavoidable waste products produced by exercise that can cause soreness and fatigue, reduce endurance and increase recovery time. The potent network of antioxidants in Athlete Octane™ help neutralize the performance robbing effects of free radicals.

Every athlete has various positive comments regarding how Athlete Octane™ makes him or her feel, although most comment on an increased ability to maintain a high output and less post-workout soreness and fatigue. "It just increases my ability to go hard.", is a comment heard most often. Athlete Octane™ will not cause any "jitters" or "buzz"; instead it may prevent you from experiencing some of the negative effects of intense exercise.

Many supplement manufacturers are facing negative exposure by including trace amounts of illegal substances such as androstendione and other pre-hormones in supplements and not telling you about it. These illegal compounds end up in many supplements by faulty manufacturing processes and can cause an innocent athlete to be disqualified, fined and even banned from competition. THE MANUFACTURER OF ATHLETE OCTANE™ DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE BANNED SUBSTANCE IN THE BUILDING AND NEVER HAS. The state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment used to manufacture Athlete Octane™ has never seen a trace of any banned substances. If it’s not in the building, it’s not in the supplement and it’s not in your body. If you’re currently taking a supplement, ask the manufacturer what else goes through the machines that make it. We bet you’ll be surprised. We take the extra step to ensure the efficacy of Octane by commissioning expensive independent screening by an accredited laboratory for specific banned substances.

Not only are the pros taking Athlete Octane™, they helped design it. We worked with national and world-caliber endurance athletes to ensure Athlete Octane™ would perform under the most strenuous conditions.